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Q. What AHS's price-per-watt?

A. Our average cost per watt is $2.98. Our median cost per watt is $2.85. Expected range for cost per watt is $2.65 - $3.10. Our prices are nearly 30% lower than the California $4.08/watt California average!

See SolarReviews for third-party verification of our install costs. 

Q. How does AHS keep costs lower than competitors?

A. Our savings to the consumer come from the efficiency of our nimble team with years of experience in residential PV installations. We never cut corners or compromise on workmanship. We save on labor costs because our fine-tuned teams gets the job done quickly. Most installs finish in one weekend!

Q. What kind of roofs does AHS work on?

A. We work on: composition shingles, metal-seam, stone-coated metal, tiles, TPO, PVC, KEE, modified bitumen, and more. We cover a range of roof angles, from flat to 26 degrees (6/12). We accommodate all rooftop sizes.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum photo-voltaic system sizes AHS offers?

A. We offer systems from 1kW to 90kW. Clients shopping for systems under 12kW (most residential homes) will find our prices especially competitive.

Q. What is my expected time for return on investment?

A. Most customers should expect 6.5 - 9 years before utilities bills savings outweigh the cost of installation. ROI timeline depends on energy consumption patterns, system size, and other factors. Our technicians have worked with a diversity of homes, so we can help you choose a system that optimizes energy generation and savings.

Q. Can AHS integrate EV charging stations?

A. Yes. AHS offers full charge station installation and integration for Tesla and other EV manufacturers.

Q. Can AHS integrate home battery storage systems?

A. We do not install battery storage systems because they are often cost-prohibitive. If a client already has a battery storage system such as the Tesla Power Wall, we will integrate it with our photo-voltaic system.

Q. What materials and brands does AHS build with?

A. For a list of materials and brands, you can refer to our listing on energysage. We are not partnered with any one manufacturer, so we are happy to accommodate requests for brands.


We support clients who want to make informed decisions about rooftop solar before buying. Unbiased consumer education sites will give you the facts you need: and You will find independently verified details on materials brands, install pricing, return-on-investment, and reputation of solar companies. See our company listing for SolarReviews and energysage

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